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We manufacture EcoloWizard that produces Instant Odor Elimination
and the Hyper Aerobic condition that is odor free

Our products provide the major Elements
and Nutrients that Facultative Bacteria require for
the Hyper Aerobic condition.

Airborne odors are beat eliminated with a DRY mist fogging system in an enclosed area.. Injecting liquefied EcoloWizard in low amounts into a high pressure system that produces droplets that are 2 to 3 microns in size, do the best odor elimination.

The small droplets are lighter than air and will float and distribute through a enclosed area

The small droplets do not noticeable wet surfaces in the misting area.

For outdoor odor elimination, a misting system that produces a droplet that is larger and heaver and will slowly fall to the ground work best in a light wind condition

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants are the best solution for odor control and/or elimination of (H2S) and converting waste into nutrients for plant growth.

Household odors are easily eliminated by dissolving EcoloWizard in water and spraying the odor producing material. In most situations, four ounces dissolved in a quart (32 ounces) of water do the job well. Heavy or strong odors may require a stronger solution.

When spraying pets or animals,DO NOT ALLOW THE SPRAY TO GET IN THE EYES.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant products provides a reduction of solid waste (Sludge) by creating the Hyper aerobic bacterial condition in a bio mass. The amount of the reduction is a function of factors, such as, Bio mass biological condition and retention time. Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant products supply more oxygen and the oxygen is better distributed through out the bio mass than is possible with aeration. Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant products are a better solution, both in efficiency and cost when compared to mechanical aeration.

Typical waste water processing facility
utilizing air to achieve the aerobic condition.

It is possible to supply higher levels of uniformly distributed oxygen than is possible with aeration. Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants will allow the hyper aerobic condition at the bottom of a waste water bio mass, as well as in the upper parts and surface of the bio mass.

EcoloWizard is concentrated to reduce shipping cost and even more important, allow low dosing rates (about 120 to 160 pounds per million gallons of sewage that does not have excessive sulfides) and allow our products to be very cost effective and perform far better than our competition.

When all the reduced maintenance and ease of handling benefits are considered, our products will reduce your cost of odor control and sludge reduction. Dosing as close to the source as possible will reduce the anaerobic production of sulfides and allow lower dosing rates.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant products will eliminate any Oxidize able odor that the product is able to contact, in the air, water or solid waste like compost. Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant products supplies the oxygen and nutrients to create the aerobic condition in the naturally occurring facultative bacteria and stop the production of sulfides.

Large trash transfer station operating odor free
Misting with diluted EcoloWizard provides
the oxygen to oxidize air born odors.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant Bio Nutrient or Stimulants do not contain bacteria, vegetable extracts, enzymes or perfume.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant works like magic in any situation where bacteria needs additional nutrients to allow for rapid growth. The results is health bacterial action. For example, dosing shrimp and fish farming ponds removes fish waste and over feed from shrimp and fish farming ponds and allowing the dissolved oxygen to be used by the shrimp or fish population. The reduction of pathogens by healthy aerobic action is one of the many actions.

Creating the Hyper Aerobic condition in a bio mass provides up to seven to nine times the digestion rate of organic solids as compared to the Anaerobic condition and the aerobic bacteria do not make the foul and dangerous to humans and animals (H2S) gas. Test have proven that small parts per million of (H2S) gas (under 10 PPM) over an extended time, will cause Neurological damage in humans.

Go to Deadly H2S for more Information

Animals are effected the same as humans.

Severe hydrogen sulfide (H2S) corrosion may reduce the 50 to 100 year life expectancy of infrastructure to less than ten years. Replacement is far more costly than prevention.

Using our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants in a sewage infrastructure will reduce or eliminate the problem of H2S, FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) build up causing stoppage and requiring mechanical cleaning methods to remove the stoppage.

The Our Bio Stimulant products product are manufacture in the USA and is distributed under various names in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

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