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Our EcoloWizard provides ODOR ELIMINATION for your food preparation facilities.

Effective control of odor in food service establishments

Comply with EPA and OSHA regulations

Meet state and local municipal standards

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic

The basic design. Some are larger, some are good installations, some are poor installations. Some produce H2S in large amounts, some work without problems.

Food Service establishments (FSE) are now required, in most states, to install, operate and maintain a grease interceptor and to follow certain guidelines for hydrogen sulfide H2S emissions and to control the discharge of “dissolved sulfides” and grease into the sanitary sewer system. 

Significant odors are generated by the sulfides in the grease interceptor and these odors often find their way into the public areas of the restaurant. The “rotten egg” odors associated with hydrogen sulfide gas is extremely unpleasant at very low levels, and can be physically harmful.

EcoloWizard has proven to be effective in preventing the formation of dissolved sulfides and the resulting H2S gases and associated odors.

EcoloWizard chemically eliminates the existing sulfides in the interceptor liquids by reacting with the sulfides to form harmless, inert—and odorless—compounds. Additionally, further formation of sulfides is eliminated by providing chemical oxygen to the existing bacteria in the interceptor, keeping the bacteria from stripping oxygen from sulfur-based compounds to form the sulfides.

We service any business that has an H2S problem, including Food Service Establishments consisting of free-standing restaurants, restaurants grouped in food courts and malls, hotels and grocery stores.

Note: That we started dosing with our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant on 11-18-09

The results in this case are typical in 100% of the H2S elimination jobs we service.


EcoloWizard eliminate H2S odors and second feature of our FOG/interceptor products is a basic action of a Bio Nutrient or Stimulant, but is not pushed or advertised is the ability of Aerobic bacteria to digest FOG many time faster than bacteria in the Anaerobic condition.

In the case of most grease interceptors, the volume of grease (FOG) collected is beyond the capability of the quantity of bacteria that the size of the interceptor system will support. We normally dose the liquid in the interceptor to eliminate H2S. Applying the Bio Nutrient or Stimulant to the top of the accumulated grease will remove the H2S as well as reduce the accumulation of grease.

Most grease interceptors may be compared to a room full of bacteria. when the room is filled with bacteria, additional bacteria will not survive and the existing bacteria can only consume a specific quantity of food. adding more food will not grow or allow more bacteria. In other words, the larger the interceptor, the more organic mater will be digested or processed.

A test was conducted for the Irvine Waste Water Company. The grease interceptor tested is the main grease (FOG) separator for the sewage waste water received for treatment. The interceptor tested was for sewage waste water, not restaurant waste water.

The grease trap at the start of the test

The procedures used for treatment and results are outlined as follows.

SETUP FOR APPLICATION OF THE Bio Nutrient or Stimulant

Continuous application provides the best results. We used city water pressure to operate the misting nozzles. A chemical injection pump was set at the start to mix liquid EcoloWizard at a ratio of 25 parts of water to one part of EcoloWizard.

The dry product would be eight pounds of the dry EcoloWizard with water added to make one gallon of liquid EcoloWizard

The very high BOD of a bio mass composed of almost solid FOG was the main factor in setting the dilution ratio to start. The intent was to vary the dilution ratio and determine the optimum dilution or dosing strength that provided the best bacterial action at the lowest cost. The test was terminated before the various dosing strengths were tested. >

The liquid EcoloWizard was stored in a 55 gallon barrel. A filter was placed in line before the misting nozzles to eliminate clogging of the nozzles.

The equipment used to dilute the liquid EcoloWizard.

The original set up used eight nozzles so as to mist the top of the accumulated grease.

The original nozzles and placement

The grease layer in the trap at the start of the test was about 38 inches thick

Notice the dramatic clean up of the trap

The new nozzles provided better coverage. The dilution equipment remained the same.

After about 45 days of treatment, the grease layer was reduced to about 15 inches thick


The treatment with EcoloWizard worked. As the bacteria became stronger and digested pits and holes in the grease accumulation, the rate of digestion increased but not enough to clear the trap of all the accumulated and daily influx of new grease.

As you have noticed, the trap collected more than FOG. The non digestible mater required that the trap be cleaned on a regular schedule. The truck vacuum was still required and it was decided that the vacuum truck could also remove the FOG. The test was discontinued after about 60 days.

The problem with non digestible matter is not a normal problem in most grease interceptors.

We will be delighted to survey your need for H2S elimination and increased digestion of organic waste.

Call 949 346 5569 for additional information, pricing and shipping details.

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