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Many chickens factories are arranged to automate the production of chickens and other birds. The housing or cages that are used as the home and everything for the birds are generally closely arranged so as to allow automated feeding and egg collection if eggs are part of the production. The waste is allowed to collect under the staggered cages and generally produces large amounts of H2S. The workers wear mask that are only semi effective in removing the deadly H2S gas to in an attempt to protect the workers from irreparable damage to the nasal, lungs and central nervous system.

The H2S gas will cause serious problems in a closed animal or bird house

The birds have the same problems as humans and live in an atmosphere that allows poor health, retarded growth and premature death from the H2S damage to their respiratory system. You can eliminate the the H2S gas by injecting a small quantity of EcoloWizard into the misting system designed to cool and supply medication to the birds. A second less automated technique is to spray the waste on a regular schedule with EcoloWizard.

Injecting the EcoloWizard into the misting system eliminated the H2S odor in the air and with in a short time will eliminate the H2S gas produced from the waste under the cages.

In most houses, the automatic feed system is covered to keep the overhead mist from softening the food in the feed galleys. When injecting EcoloWizard, we recommend that a cover always be in place to restrict the mixing of EcoloWizard with the feed.

Composing the manure

The bird waste collected will be odor free and will compost in about one third to one half the normal time required to produce compost. The compost must be managed to determine the correct dosage to achieve the composing temperature desired.

Cows, Dairies, Feed Lots
Cows and other large animals consume a large quantity of food and also produce large quantities of waste. Animals that are sheltered in barns or not allow to have free access to pasture, are very similar to the situation of humans that live in closely built houses. The waste produced must be collected and disposed of in a manner that meets the various federal, state and city ordinances.

The various rules or laws are designed to protect the environment and allow the animal factory to be less offensive to the surrounding community. Many system have developed over the years, The waste water lagoon or pond is very popular. Collecting the waste as a liquid make handling easier and the water required may be used for irrigation.


A manure storage basin dug into the ground like a pond and earthen lined to prevent absorption into the soil. Solids settle to the bottom and bacteria and microorganisms break down the manure, resulting in a nutrient-rich “wastewater” with less odor that can serve as a natural fertilizer when spread on fields.

Aeration verses a Bio Stimulant: The most serious limitation of aeration is the inability to provide the lower portion of the Bio Mass with the oxygen to create the aerobic condition uniformly. When treating a lagoon with EcoloWizard , the bacterial action at the bottom of the pond will create CO2. The CO2 will float chunks of solids to the surface.

The bacterial action will digest the chunks and after the treatment has been allow the time to digest solids, the lagoon will become a liquid and much of the solids will disappear.

Treatment with EcoloWizard is more cost effective than operating the equipment to provide aeration and the lagoon can be odor free within hours.



Cows are effected by H2S gas just like humans and for many enclosed facilities the cows should be fitted with gas mask

Treating flush galleries and the fresh manure with Diluted EcoloWizard will arrest the production of sulfide compounds and the resultant H2S gas that is one of the causes of poor health for animals confined in a enclosure.

Treating the fresh manure with EcoloWizard in sufficient dosage to stop the production of H2S also allows the bacteria to convert more waste to a liquid. Dosing at the source or at the lagoon will eliminate the foul and dangerous H2S gas. A lagoon that is aerobic will demonstrate the aerobic state by:

Producing no or very low odors Reduce the organic solids normally accumulated and reducing the pond's capacity. Eliminating odors will no longer attract flies. Reduced acid corrosion and needed repair on the waste system

The bacteria will digest much more of the organic solids, allowing the lagoon to retain it's holding capacity. The digestion of the organic solids is a function of the size of the lagoon, the amount of Biocids added to the waste water, the temperature, the Ph of the bio mass and the quantity of organic solids added for the size of the lagoon. Aerobic digestion has been found to be capable of digesting waste up to seven times the rate of anaerobic digestion. Using EcoloWizard to generate the Hyper Aerobic condition has been found to be able to digest waste at up to nine times faster than the anaerobic mode.

Test have shown that in general a lagoon that is average depth and has a surface are of about one acre can digest the waste from about one hundred cow that are milking.

Adding the oxygen to convert all the bacteria from bottom to the surface to the aerobic condition, will increase the ability to digest waste by a factor determined by the bio mass parameters.

The water pumped out of the lagoon and used for irrigation will have more nutrients as well as some residual EcoloWizard that will allow increased crop production with less fertilizer, the bacterial action around the plant roots tends to hold moisture and has been found to require less irrigation.

Many farmers are reporting that the resultant crops that are used a grazing or fodder is more tasty to the animals and the animals will select the bio stimulated plants over normally grown plants.

Some farmers are now injecting our EcoloWizard into the irrigation pump that is used to feed the irrigation system

The end results is what really counts and healthier animals, and the lowering of the cost of feed mounts up to provide a better bottom line (Profit)

Feed or Collection Yards

Spraying or overhead misting will successfully eliminate the H2S odors that are commonly associated with cattle feed yards.

Eliminating the odors also takes away the attraction for flies.

Swine and hogs

EcoloWizard is a new formula that is intended for use as a dry deodorizer for use in animal houses.

EcoloWizard is scattered on the animal waste to achieve H2S elimination.

EcoloWizard may be dissolved in water and used as a spray. EcoloWizard must be dissolved in water that is between 100 degrees F and 140 degrees F. For spraying, dissolve three to six pounds of EcoloWizard in one gallon of water.

The H2S gas is really bad in most animal barns

EcoloWizard works for swine or pigs just the same as for cows and similar animals. Swine or pig waste has different strains of bacteria that are not common with grass fed animals. The end results is the same only in some situations, some of the odors take a bit longer to control than just H2S

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