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Pet Odors and General Odors

Correcting general household and pet and animal odors is a very easy task.

EcoloWizard may be used as a dry odor eliminator or You may convert the dry product to a liquid adding water.


To use the liquid product for pet odor elimination, Add one pound of EcoloWizard to one gallon of warm water.

You may can adjust the dilution ratio for lighter or stronger odors.

New Technology For Animal, Pet waste and General Odors

For Kitty Litter boxes Sprinkle the dry EcoloWizard to sparsely cover the bottom of the litter box. Fill the box to the desired level with NON clumping litter. The litter box in most applications (one cat) will be odor free for many days.

Urine and odors in carpet. The two situations for urine in carpet odors are, surface odor producing material and Deep odor producing material that has soaked into the carpet and pad along with the structure under the carpet and pad.

EcoloWizard has to be in contact with the odor producing material to neutralize the odors. Use the standard dilution listed above or stronger if necessary.

Large amounts of urine will produce ammonium when treated. Bacteria produce ammonium as a by product when digesting urine.

Removing the urine by wetting the area with water and vacuuming may be necessary to remove the urine

Spray or wet the odor producing areas and allow the product to soak in for about thirty minutes or longer and then vacuum.

Spray or wet the odor producing area with water and after ten or fifteen minutes , and vacuum the area.

You may need to repeat the procedure for strong odors.

A carpet cleaning machine performs very well. When using a carpet machine, add about 6 ounces of EcoloWizard to each gallon of cleaning solution used. Use a stronger solution for heavy or bad odors. A lighter solution for light or mild odors.

Carpet with very high amounts of urine may make ammonium gas when treated with EcoloWizard. This is a normal bacterial action.

I you have a situation where the carpet is heavily soaked with urine, we recommend that you test a small area before treating the entire carpet. If the test produces strong ammonium gas, the next procedure should be followed.

A heavily soaked urine carpet must be cleaned with a deep cleaning carpet machine possible more than one time and treating the carpet with an odor control product. Add six or more ounces of EcoloWizard per gallon of cleaning solution. Test to see if the dosage is correct. No odor is the correct dosage.

Odors in animal bedding or Odors in General in clothing and etc Adding one or four ounces of EcoloWizard to a normal laundry wash or rinse cycle will produce odor free bedding or what every you wash.

For surface odor problems, a spray liquid EcoloWizard will eliminate the odor. Use the standard solution as defined above.

EcoloWizard is a HYDRATED product that means that in humidiy above 20%, the EcoloWizard will absorb moisture from the air.

If the relative humidity is below 20%, the EcoloWizard will lose moisture to the air.

In relative humidity above 20%, the EcoloWizard will retrieve moisture to re hydrate and turn to a liquid.

What this means if you use way more product than is necessary, the area where the product was applied could have a higher moisture content than the surrounding area.

ALSO please Keep the EcoloWizard container air tight.

Airborne odors Removal of odors from the air is a temporary fix if the odor producing source is not corrected first. For airborne odors, diluted the Standard Diluted Product (see Standard Dilution at the top of this page) with equal amounts of water, mix and spray.

Use a spray that produces a very fine spray. The closer the spray is to a mist, the better the product works. Mist the areas that have odors. Tobacco smoke, cooking odors, pet odors and most all odors will be eliminated. Tobacco smoke that clings to the walls and overhead should be misted to stop the odors at the source.

Cooking and Garbage odors Use the Standard Dilution of EcoloWizard will eliminate cooking and trash odors. You must remember that spraying the surface of a odor producing material will not stop the odors from the interior of the odor producing material. For strong odors, use a stronger solution of EcoloWizard

Animals Marking their territory with urine Spraying the marked areas with the Standard Dilution of EcoloWizard will eliminate the odor so that the animal will not be able to identify the area.

Animal solid waste Sprinkle the waste with dry EcoloWizard or Spray with a strong solution of EcoloWizard. If the waste is outdoors, one application will generally resolve the odor problem. If the waste is in a container, sprinkle more EcoloWizard or spray and turn the waste as necessary to remove the odor.

Animal body odors To eliminate body odors, mix one parts of the Standard Dilution with an about four part of water and rinse will eliminate odors. The time of odor elimination is a function of the animal and it's habits. Flies are attracted to animal odors. Elimination the odor, will allow the flies to find another source of food.

Skunk odors Use the Standard Dilution of EcoloWizard. Spray the skunk perfume or mix the EcoloWizard with soap and water and bath the animal. The dry EcoloWizard may be scattered over the skunk odor that is not on the body.

Animal housing or stall odors Scatter dry EcoloWizard on the odor producing material or Spray with Standard Dilution. The EcoloWizard must contact the odor producing material. If deodorizing animal waste in a barn or stall, turn and spray till the odor is eliminated.

For concentrated animal waste piles, skater the dry product or use a stronger solution of EcoloWizard and turn. If the material is dry, mist with water to allow the EcoloWizard to dissolve faster.

Kitchen, trash and cooking odors may all be eliminated by spraying with diluted EcoloWizard. Use the Standard Dilution listed above. Spraying the top surface of a pile of trash, will not stop the bottom and interior of the pile from producing odors.

Paint and Solvent odors Paint thinners and odors that will react with oxygen, may be eliminated by misting the Standard Dilution of EcoloWizard. You may be able to have good odor control with a more diluted solution. The finer the mist, the better the elimination of odors.

Test your particular odor problem with various dilutions of the EcoloWizard. We have found some light trash and H2S odor problems may be corrected with dilutions a high as mixing the Standard Dilution with five parts of water.

Flies in Barns and animal sheds Eliminating the odors in areas used to house animals will not kill the flies, but the flies will seek other areas that have the odors that they find attractive.

Smoke and fire burn odors Spraying with the 50% dilution or the full Standard Dilution solution of EcoloWizard will eliminate the odors created by a fire. It is necessary for the EcoloWizard to contact the odor producing material. Adjust the strength of the solution for your application.

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