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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions for reducing water, soil and air pollution in ways that are safe, honest, cost-effective and provide results for our customers.

Industrial organic waste. sewage, diary, animal and poultry farm waste Odor elimination and conversion of solid waste into plant nutrients.

The Ecology Company is a new company. The purpose of the new company is to expand into new markets with new innovative products as well as the proven products that have proven our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants to be the very best available.

Our Unique, Patented Warranted products that work as advertised, Friendly, honest, cost effective and prompt service has allowed us to share a rapidly growing portion of the Bio Nutrient or Stimulant waste water market. The new company will push into untapped markets that will allow more diverse sales and expand our markets.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants supply the nutrients and major elements that chemically neutralize sulfides, supply the facultative bacteria what is needed to become Hyper aerobic and do their Magic to eliminate the production of H2S odors and allow aggressive digestion of organic solids.

Plant Stimulus for Agriculture,
Landscaping and Golf courses

We now use the Bio Nutrient or Stimulants to augment the production of agricultural crops along with a reduction of fertilizer and water required for farming, golf courses and landscaping applications.

Allowing and using Nature's wisdom to allow the naturally occurring bacteria and funguses to produce the nutrients a particular plant needs and requires for growth from organic material in the soil is proving to increase plant health and growth noticeably, along with the reduction of chemical fertilizers and the amount of water necessary.

The naturally occurring bacteria, selected by nature, will develop so rapidly in a friendly environment that adding enzymes or bacteria is normally unnecessary. .

The ability of our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants to increase the rate of composing organic material in the soil is the Magic in our Plant Stimulus plant Bio Nutrient or Stimulant.

This product is not a fertilizer and using at normal fertilizer application rates, WILL NOT provide the bacterial stimulation desired and will retard growth.

What we do and Do so Well

We Use Technology to Stimulate, Assist and Augment Nature's recycling process and Reduce your Cost

The Ecology Company develops and manufactures Bio Nutrient or Stimulants. We formulate our Bio Nutrient or Stimulant to perform in various applications.

In brief, our Stimulants are used in waste applications to:

1...Eliminate H2S odors and increase the bacterial digestion of organic materials.

2... Stimulate the bacterial action around plant roots to allow the bacteria to produce nutrients for the plant. The increased bacterial action provides Increased crop production, Reduced use of fertilizer, reduction in the irrigation water necessary and produce healthier plants. Our Agricultural patent was issued in December 2009.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants can provide a long term (depending on the product used and the Dosing) source of Nutrients and molecular oxygen to create and sustain the Hyper Aerobic state or Condition in a bio mass.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants are like a growth hormone for Bacteria.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants can oxidize existing sulfides and H2S that provides practically instant Odor Elimination. The Hyper Aerobic condition Eliminates the production of sulfides and the associated odors.

Our Bio Nutrient or Stimulants are used to replace mechanical aeration systems. Our Stimulants work better and reduce cost as compared to Aeration.

Nature's normal Recycle method is Bacteria in the Aerobic condition.

Our Products are Warranted to Perform as Stated in our Advertising and that if used Correctly, Can and will Reduce your Cost

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